How to use

CIAM 2019 has the will to involve all those who in different ways can favor the development of society, through actions of cultural, social, scientific, economic and infrastructural renewal.
The promoters invite to present analysis paths, theoretical contributions and case study presentations that concern the improvement of the current relationships between Man – Society – City – Architecture – Landscape. The intellectual and design contributions sent must respect the canons of scientificity, applicability and repeatability.
The promoters intend to channel all the best cultural energies to produce, for specific skills, advantages in which private law, absolutely legitimate, is part of a shared and permanent urban well-being.
Participation in the Call is open; each participant can participate with a maximum of n. 3 contributions (individual or group).
Projects, proposals and research activities that can contribute to the development of the topics of study indicated in the “Themes” section will be admitted, to be the basis for discussion, after careful selection, of the CIAM 2019 forums, during the session to be held in Bergamo from 23th to 26th October 2019.
CIAM2019 will consist of public presentations and dedicated workshops to which the selected of this CALL will be invited.
At the end of the sessions, the Charter of Bergamo will be drawn up, which aims to constitute a reference point for the transformation and development of cities.

The topics concern the observation of cities and their development in complex societies: Reuse, Circular Economy, Public Space, Urban Regeneration, Landscape Transformation (as well as related rights and standards).
The pairs of values ​​to be used as references are transcribed, to be taken in the form of an open request for the contribution setting

(LINK for the Semantic Assumptions of the following Topics)


A comparison between the themes and the addresses of CIAM 1949 and the themes of urban planning and contemporary architecture can move from the dialectic under traced:

  1. Observation of urban planning devices: Planning (all-inclusive and predetermination over time) vs. Cities for projects (reasonable images of the future)
  2. Observation of Use: Pure functions vs hybridizations (in the building and in urban tissues, instant city vs. city to be regenerated, permanent vs. temporary)
  3. Density Observation: Vertical City Vs. Horizontal City – Compact City vs. widespread city – Public city vs. City of individual mobility
  4. Observation of the Standard: coherence of the general law against the defense of local law

WHO can participate
CIAM2019 has a multidisciplinary character. The CALL is aimed at scholars and researchers, representatives of institutes and research centers, operating in the fields of architecture, geography, history, law, economics, social sciences, environmental sciences and the earth, of the Project Disciplines, of Applied Sciences, with the aim of sharing knowledge, producing new interdisciplinary research questions, activating feasibility projects.

WHAT to present
1) By October 7th:
text contribution, in Italian or English, for a maximum of 3,000 characters, spaces excluded.
The thesis supported or the course of study presented must contain:

  1. Title
  2. Thematic section of reference
  3. Main arguments and Methodology
  4. Expected results
  5. 3 keywords

The contribution must contain at least 1 image, up to a maximum of 5 (to be transmitted simultaneously in jpg format max 150 dpi).
2) For selected contributions::
Visual contribution in PechaKucha 20×20 mode (a PechaKucha 20×20 presentation contains 20 slides programmed for an automatic display of 20 seconds each. The duration of the presentation is therefore 6’40 “). The visual Contribution must be sent in ppt or mpeg version, providing, also, an automatism without mediator.

How to participate
The CALL is open from 31th July to 7th October 2019.

WHEN to deliver
DEADLINE SEND contributions: 7th October 2019
ACCEPTANCE NOTIFICATION: from 8th October 2019
SESSION: October 23th-26th, 2019

Composition Scientific Committee
The Scientific Commission of Evaluation, whose members will be indicated on October 7th, 2019, is represented in this phase by the promoters of this Call, that is Order of Architects of the Province of Bergamo, through the President Gianpaolo Gritti, and University of Bergamo through Prof. Fulvio Adobati.

Contributions selection
The scientific committee will announce the acceptance of the proposals by 8th October 2019. Subsequently, the coordinators of the workshops will give detailed indications on the methods of discussion within the various workshops of the contributions sent.

Participation in the Forums and Methods of Intervention
The Forums will be divided into public presentations and dedicated workshops: the guests, belonging to complementary professional categories, with the collaboration of operational groups, will draw up documents analyzing the topics of study.
All the participants of the Call will participate, together with those who will be invited because the Commission recognizes in their work an exemplary value.
The work activities will be divided as follows:
1. INTRODUCTORY PLENARY: introduction to the work and overview of the contributions received, in the 4 thematic blocks.
2. PARALLEL SESSIONS: thematic workshops, elaboration for each forum.
3. FINAL SYNTHESIS PLENARY: discussion of thematic contributions and drafting of the Manifesto.

Forum location

Publication results
The authors of the selected contributions, together with their participation in the CIAM2019 work session, will subsequently be invited to present their contribution (min. 20,000 max. 25,000 characters, accompanied by images) that develops what has been presented; these contributions will be collected and edited in a collective volume (with ISBN).
The documents sent will be made public on the website and promoted on international platforms.
The thematic forums, in which the contributions in presentation format will take place, will be aimed at producing a Manifesto of Proposals, defined as The Charter of Bergamo.

Permits authorizations and rights
Candidates consent to the processing of personal data pursuant to EU Regulation 2016/679 exclusively and solely for the purposes indicated and authorize the organizers free of charge to reproduce and represent in any form any material submitted for participation, considered to be a work of genius of character creative pursuant to Law n. 633/41, as owners of copyright, or having acquired, as an alternative, this authorization of other copyright holders, and in any case assuming full responsibility with the participation and relieving the organizers of CIAM2019 from any claim and action even of third parties. Participation must be carried out according to the methods indicated on the registration form and in any case by electronic means.

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