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workshops for women
city is woman
design workshop on primordial architecture exclusively for women
rediscover the olfactory landscape
from thinking about doing
it is a school of thought
methodological references
Husserl: interdisciplinary
Gropius, integrated architecture
Le Corbusier, the city for everyone
Eco, open work
Habermas, first the public
Schulz, genius loci
Friedman, architecture that corrects itself
Bauman, a liquid society
Suskind, olfactory space
The sense of smell in males is less developed in the perception of perfumes than in the female gender
A mother can recognize a disease from her baby's smell before it manifests
The sense of smell is one of the five senses that contains more primordial, atavistic and instinctive perceptions
The sense of smell evokes an untouchable, abstract, extremely emotional and experiential way
One hundred thousand receptors react to perfumes every moment, sending signals to the primordial brain.
Every perfume brings a state of mind, an emotion, a memory
The sense of smell is a non-verbal communication tool, able to tell the place which is, its personality, its identity.
It is about lighting the desire of the place with perfume.
To keep in the visitor the pleasant memory of a desirable place.
Turning on the desire for one's own identity and gender sensuality
is also a typical strategy of the female universe.
The city is a woman, seduces and attracts.
Interest in the world of perfumes has only begun to appear in the Western world for some years now.
Unlike the oriental world in which the culture of perfumes and of the sensitive and sensorial side of women has always had a significant weight in all fields of life,
the western world has always been more dedicated to concreteness to reason and less to the emotional part, more cold, rational and less heart.
Perfumes stimulate sexuality
Perfumes and memories are stored in the limbic system.
If a person has felt a scent on a particularly beautiful day, he will surely connect that memory with positive impressions.
Those impressions will re-emerge whenever you smell that scent.
The fragrances stored in the limbic system along with sensations and memories can awaken in us even after a very long time.
The sense of smell is the most enigmatic of the senses, the one we know less about, the one that modifies our unconscious more deeply.
We don't even know exactly how it works.
The olfactory system is in fact directly connected both with the hippocampus and with the amygdala and the limbic system, parts of the brain involved in governing emotions.
The unconscious is an inextinguishable source for creativity and perfumes can stimulate it, trigger associations and give inspiration.
Olfactory, contemplative, meditative, mystical, aphrodisiac, exciting, stimulating, passionate, romantic, relaxing, relaxing, relaxing space.
Premises for a change from the mixophobic city to the mixophilic city.

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